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Custom Playing Cards for Cards Against Humanity

By Shari Spiro

We were leaving the office right before New Years Eve when one of my artists came up to me and got really excited.”We printed Cards Against Humanity?”, she asked.  “Yes”, I said. She had not been involved in that particular order so she did not know about it – but someone in the office mentioned it and so she came to me.  “Do we have a sample of it? Can I borrow it for this weekend?” She was so excited – I had to ask her – “What have you heard about this game?”  She basically told me that she heard it was incredibly hysterical and she really wanted to bring it to a New Year’s Eve Party she was going to. I told her I wanted pictures and a write up about how people enjoyed the game in return.  She came through. (She always comes through). So without further ado – here is her review of the game Cards Against Humanity which we printed for a client who began this venture on Kickstarter.

Introductory email (which I thought was pretty interesting in itself)

Custom playing cards

Playing a 3 answer card

I took a few pics but …I didn’t realize til later that most shots didn’t even include the cards. When I was playing and taking pics I was more focused on getting shots of everyone laughing themselves to tears but it was difficult, lol.

This is the best picture because it shows a bunch of the cards as he’s reading them off (it was one of the times where it required 3 answers per person). Amazing game. 🙂

We played for hours. It was very offensive though, not sure if you’d like it. It had lots of political, religious sexual, and just downright degenerate answers hahaha. We loved it.

Actual story below —

If you’re anything like me, you love a good card game at a party. And although poker and asshole and hearts are all fun, I love a game that makes you think. I’ve always been a fan of Apples to Apples, a game where you receive random people, places, and things and use them to answer different question cards. I always found it very PG and a little too wholesome for my tastes, however. My friends and I would always try to push the envelope in that game but were always restricted by the lame cards and lame situations. My friends would joke that “AIDS” was an instant win card in Apples to Apples, that’s how offensively we played.

And then it happened. Life changed. I volunteered to try out Ad Magic’s copy of Cards Against Humanity, and just reading the box felt like all restrictions were lifted and the gloves were officially off.

I brought Cards Against Humanity to a New Year’s Eve party with a gaggle of young adults, probably aged 21-24. No one knew quite what to expect except me, and even then, my expectations were exceeded by miles. Nothing is sacred in this game. Everyone will be offended at least once, if you’re lucky– but you’ll enjoy it every time.

You play the game by selecting 10 random white cards from the white deck. Next, someone is selected as the first “Card Czar” who selects a black card from the black deck. They must “read the question or the fill-in-the-blank on the black card in a humorous fashion”– yes, this is what the rules say– and everyone chooses one of their white cards in response. They place them face down, and the Card czar reads each of them before selecting whichever answer he feels is best.

Let me give you an example of what I mean:

Black card: In an attempt to reach a wider audience, the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History has opened an interactive exhibit on:

Possible answers:
Cockfights.Praying the gay away.Genital piercings.
Feeding Rosie O’ Donnell.Concealing a boner.

If I was the czar, I’d probably pick “feeding Rosie O’ Donnell” since picturing an interactive exhibit on that makes me laugh, and that’s terrible. That card player would get to keep that black card. These are called “Awesome Points” and decide the final winner at the end.

People take turns being the card czar, and it really helps to know the people playing so you can get inside their mind and know what they want to see. I vaguely remembering being the czar at one point and being shocked at the answers people gave me. Each one was more offensive and hilarious than the last and I realized this card game is only as evil as you make it. So if your friends are as awesome as mine, you will enjoy yourself thoroughly. My favorite part was the unique aspect of this game where there are two or three blanks in the black card, and you must give up 3 cards to complete the sentence. This was a bit difficult to comprehend that deep into the night, but it led to some stunning answers. Though I mentioned a few white cards and black card here, I refuse to spoil anymore of them. My friends and I played until every single white card was used up– and there are a TON.

It took a few hours but we couldn’t stop, and we even missed the ball drop for New Year’s!

Fortunately, no one really cared.

I’d recommend this to anyone out there that loves a bit of dark humor and isn’t easily offended. It was an amazing night, and I was a hero for bringing the game over.
Beer pong gets boring fast, this most definitely did not.

Thanks, Cards Against Humanity!

Custom Playing Cards

Samples of Cards Against Humanity Cards

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