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Dishonored Tarot a huge hit and a real surprise for gamers

By Shari Spiro

Judging by all the videos of people opening their cool Dishonored Custom Tarot Cards it looks like the world has finally confirmed something I have known for months – these decks are something extra special.  Ad Magic was in the right place at the right time when the order came down for a couple of hundred thousand custom tarot

decks for Dishonored the game as a pre order bonus for games who got in early on making an advance purchase of the long awaited game Dishonored.  From reports I have seen on Youtube since Oct 9 – the day of the game’s release, The Dishonored Custom Tarot Decks, printed by Ad Magic, were a welcome bonus gift for gamers and a pleasant surprise, as most gamers only expected to receive one tarot card and got a whole deck instead.

The tarot deck actually measures 2.5 x 4.625 .   The unusual size of the custom game cards in the deck makes it easy to handle the cards as they are a little narrower than regular tarot cards – but are the same width as regular poker playing cards.  As with a typical Tarot deck, the Dishonored deck consists of 79 cards.  Since it is a Tarot deck it is comprised of a Major and Minor Arcana.  The Minor Arcana is made up of 56 cards with four suits – the rats – the skulls – the swords and the pistols in place of the typical suits in a regular card deck – the clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades.  The Major Arcana is a special suit of 22 trumps with illustrations of characters in the game dressed in their period costumes.  The designs and the illustrations on the deck are all top notch. The box is a stunning black, gold and red layout and the card backs boast a stunning and intricate black white and gold design that has a classic and ancient look to it.

The deck also contains lengthy instructions for the Game of Nancy.  The Game of Nancy is a Tarot game played by the characters in the world of Dishonored – the video game.  Life imitating art?  I think so.

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