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Custom Playing Cards - Window Boxes

We’re Doomed! Our New 15 Minute Game (not the state of the world!)

April 17, 2019

We’re Doomed literally took over PAX EAST for Breaking Games a couple of weeks ago in Boston. This 15 minute game challenges the players to (kind of) work together in order to get enough seats in the “rocket” to get off the planet. Players each play a different “Ocracy” (ie. Democracy, Theocracy, etc.) each with […]

So…what do you do?

December 3, 2018

So…what do you do? A few weeks ago Mary from Chitag sent me this list of questions about that and some other unexpected questions.  I felt particularly talkative and maybe eve a little inspired that night, and so I answered them pretty quickly.  Here is a reprint of that article.  I am a huge fan […]

Entrepreneur vs CEO

November 28, 2018

Generally you start a business of your own because something happens. You get fired.  You quit.  You have had it with corporate business.  You get an idea. You fall into something and love it.  Someone closes down the place you are working and hires you to finish the work.  Any number of things can happen. […]

Absolute Perfection in Game Making & when a little “Letting Go” is maybe a little OK

August 23, 2017

Let it go. Let it be. Chill out. Be cool. Hang loose. Take it easy. No matter how you say it – it means the same thing. You should not literally  sweat ALL of the small stuff, especially when it comes to certain aspects of tabletop game manufacturing.  Yes – your game should and can […]

A recap of some of my travels for – Ad Magic/Breaking Games

June 3, 2017

Lots of exciting stuff went on in the past year and a half –   and a lot of it was due to manufacturing that went on over in China for Ad Magic/ Breaking Games and in Washington State – where we have Ad Magic Print and Play Games. This past year I got to start off my year […]