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AdMagic is a personalized playing card printing company as well as a promotional advertising and design firm. We specialize in the creation of custom playing cards, custom card games, custom board games and personalized playing cards. Using only the finest stock available in this country and overseas, we create playing card decks and games that are now being sold throughout the world. 

Playing Card Artwork

We can create the artwork for your personalized playing cards for you, or you can create your own art using templates we provide.  At Ad Magic, we guarantee you will be happy working with our experienced artists.  They will do whatever it takes to assist you with art so that it matches the requirements of our different printing presses and procedures.

Playing Card Quality, Professionalism and Customer Service

Whether you order photo playing cards, foil stamp playing cards, custom game cards or board games, our factory in the US is the finest of all of the manufacturers of small to medium sized runs of personalized playing cards in this country. Our factory in China is the leading manufacturer of personalized playing cards and custom board games in the world. Their work is second to none and their facilities are capable of running 500 decks to several million.

We are most experienced in one stop shopping for not only the design and the manufacturing, but also packaging of personalized playing cards and poker chip sets in the United States and China. Our staff has been carefully trained in each area of the manufacturing process - from layout and design to the final phases of printing, packaging and shipping.

We pride ourselves on our experience, professionalism and knowledge of every facet of the custom playing cards industry. We deal with playing card manufacturing daily and can assure you of the best stock and type of printing for every job. We have nearly 20 years of experience in the field and we know how it is to shop for customized items like playing cards on the web. We try to make this process easier, by giving you good service, quality merchandise and pricing that is right on the mark and in your budget. When your custom playing card decks arrive, we guarantee that you will experience complete satisfaction and pride in the product we have delivered to you. Our products are delivered on time and within your budget. We always advise you of exact pricing, manufacturing specifications, set up and delivery costs so that you can easily and quickly make a fully informed decision.

Our Staff

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(not shown here are the other members of our team based in locations across the US and Mexico) 

The staff at AdMagic actually enjoys the process of helping you to create your Personalized playing cards - from scratch if necessary. Each personalized order we create is equally important to the growth of our own business, and this is why we take your order very seriously. There is no other custom playing card printer or manufacturer that can turn around a proof as fast as we can or with such efficiency. We also pride ourselves on educating our clients. We are proud to hear your compliments when you receive your playing cards and experience the thrill of seeing them for the first time!  We love to see your photos and hear how you used the cards we made for you. Most of all, we really love to read your thank you emails and thank you cards.

About Shari Spiro - Founder of AdMagic and Breaking Games

Shari Spiro is the CEO and founder of AdMagic Games, one of the largest independent printers of tabletop games in the US, including the wildly popular Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens, and other customized playing cards and board games.  Shari is also the CEO and founder of Breaking Games, an award-winning game publisher and manufacturer.  In less than two years since its 2015 launch, Breaking Games has games on Target store shelves,  games that are recognized by Mensa International, and is responsible for the launch of dozens of critically acclaimed tabletop games.

Shari manages a staff of  nearly 15 employees, and oversees the larger clients at both Ad Magic and Breaking Games. Shari also heads procedural development and implementation, and is the lead on all international customs, logistics, fulfillment services, manufacturing operations and partnerships. Shari manages all marketing decisions, long-range planning, investments, public relations, social media campaigns, promotional trade shows, and more.

Prior to Breaking Games and Ad Magic, Shari worked at Secur Image from 1986 - 1989, a leader in printed sheet‐fed vinyl credit cards and plastic specialties, where her clients included Russ Berrie, American Express, Herff Jones Yearbooks, and NYNEX Telephone. While there, Shari was the Customer Service Manager with a specialty in holographic applications.

In 2016, Shari was awarded the illustrious EY (Ernst & Young) Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 in New Jersey.  In addition, she belongs to the Executive Women of New Jersey and Netcong Community Partnership. Shari also has a background in radio, music, and television. In college, she worked at the PBS station in Chapel Hill and worked in production. She was also the news director of the radio station, and ran an open mic night on campus.

Why should you consider AdMagic for your job? 

We give all of our personalized playing cards orders the same attention to detail. We offer extremely competitive prices, the highest quality playing card materials available, and complete satisfaction. We guarantee on time deliveries and customer satisfaction! 

Thanks to all the people who have viewed this website and in particular this page. I hope you will feel comfortable enough to contact us directly. My entire staff honestly appreciates the opportunity to create custom playing card decks or games for you, your company or your organization. Please also check out our other services in the field of other custom imprinted items as well, like customized promotional items just in case a need for a different imprinted item arises. Our custom playing card blog is also a wealth of information and we appreciate any feedback you feel like giving there as we accept comments. 


Shari Spiro
AdMagic President