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Custom Playing Cards - Window Boxes

Get on top of your game – Game Designers Can Balance Life & The Dream

June 23, 2015

I am sorry for not blogging for a while – not because people are waiting for me to say something – but because someone noticed I had not been blogging in a while and wanted to know WHAT was wrong. So I would just like to say that nothing is wrong – I have just […]

There’s a giant kitten in the room

April 20, 2015

People have asked me – “What is it like to be printing one of the biggest kick starters ever?” I was asked this about Cards Against Humanity many times – and most recently people have asked me this about Exploding Kittens. The answer is, I find that, in general,  I absolutely need to be kind of addicted to my […]

Ad Magic in China – Get Your Game Made 001

April 6, 2015

As most of my clients know – because I put a rare away message on my gmail account –  I went to China a week and a half  ago to oversee and discuss some aspects of a few little  jobs I have been working on like Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, Poop the Game, and others that my staff and I […]

Exploding Kittens LA CAH and the Press

February 6, 2015

My clients Cards Against Humanity referred a nice guy – Elan Lee – to me a few months ago and asked me to help him out on a little project.  The little project we quoted was for 1000-5000 card games – and it had a cute title – Exploding Kittens.  I was familiar with The […]

boat tracking

October 22, 2014

A little fun movie I made to show where a boat is for a client. boat movie APL Holland – Small