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We’re Doomed! Our New 15 Minute Game (not the state of the world!)

By Shari Spiro

We’re Doomed literally took over PAX EAST for Breaking Games a couple of weeks ago in Boston. This 15 minute game challenges the players to (kind of) work together in order to get enough seats in the “rocket” to get off the planet. Players each play a different “Ocracy” (ie. Democracy, Theocracy, etc.) each with different powers, and players need to gain both influence tokens and resource tokens; contributing just the right amount of resources to the project to get the rocket built with enough seats for all, while at the same time trying to hold on to their influence in case there are NOT enough seats to go around. Sound familiar? A little like real life? Yup it is. And only those with the most influence can get a seat if the seats are limited.

Of course there are lots of things to distract the players during the 15 minutes, and sometimes one has to yell at the other players to WAKE UP, time is running out! …also much like in real life. This game – unlike life – comes complete with a 15 minute timer so you know how much time you’ve got left to live. Because of the timer, this game is probably one of the most exciting and fast paced games I have ever played. And it was FUN! I yelled a lot. We all yelled a lot. It was so exciting that we had dozens of play tests at PAX EAST with 10 people at a table all excited and hyped and yelling while also doing some very interesting things as I mentioned; distraction in one form or another is baked into this game.

The coming out party for this game was held at the OMNI PARKER HOTEL in the same room where Marilyn supposedly sang to JFK? Or something like that. The atmosphere was very cool. It was our very first BREAKING GAMES game coming out party and about 125 people actually showed up. We had booze so thats probably why and some light food. Here is what the video looks like for the game. Check it out, it;s definitely worth playing and hey, it only takes 15 minutes.

Also, I just want to say that the designer on this game is Mike Horton, and he was awesome at teaching the game. And thanks to our team: Peter Vaughan, Ian Reed, Alex Hine and Aaron DeMark for knowing a great game when they see one. Super excited for this one, and it’s available now at – you guessed it (or maybe not) – It only takes 15 minutes, what have you got to lose?

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