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Ad Magic prints a lot of Bullshit – CAH Holiday Bullshit that is!

By Shari Spiro

I have been so busy working – mostly on the Cards Against Humanity Holiday Bullshit, that I have not posted a blog for quite some time. Now that most of the pieces are mailed – and everyone knows what they are, (boy that was a long time keeping all those secrets ūüôā ¬†I can finally blog about it – and I have to tell you that it really is something special to blog about!

Friday – in the mail – came my very own personalized Card Against Humanity with MY NAME ON IT!! ¬†Even though I printed these cards and fully expected it – I cannot express how much of a thrill it was to actually open the envelope and see my name on that card. ¬†This is so unbelievably satisfying in so many ways. ¬†Mostly it is satisfying because I can honestly say – in the history of playing cards – card games, and mailings in general – this part of the mailing was actually one of the most ambitious things ever done – and it was a tremendous challenge to pull it off. ¬†I am actually just assuming we pulled it off with perfection – but time will tell if John Doe gets Tim Smith’s card in his envelope. ¬†Hopefully that won’t happen. ¬†Because of the nature of manufacturing playing cards- it was a tricky thing to get each individual name on the cards in the first place – and then an even tricker thing to get them properly organized for matching with each envelope. ¬†We worked on the logistics of this for some time – and, thanks to new technology and a couple of great pressmen, we were able to make this happen. ¬†Then it was a different challenge to keep them in order and to make sure that each envelope matched each card even with the occasional envelope getting destroyed in the packing equipment. ¬†I have filmed some of the very hand intensive process – and have posted it here.

So now I have a CAH card that says Shari Spiro and I love it.


Shari Spiro Cards Against Humanity Card

I cherish it really Рand I already spoke to a few other people who got theirs and they feel the same way.  The probably would have paid $12 to get that one card Рbut for $12 they got 12 nights of cool gifts.


Some of those gifts included custom holiday packs with cards of assorted themes and some were printed pieces.  But my second favorite Рand the second hardest to pull off from a mailing standpoint Рwere the lumps of coal.  Those had to be sorted to be a certain thickness for mailing purposes.  Hundreds of pounds of coal and hundreds of thousand of small buck size pieces of coal were meticulously sorted Рand then placed in sets of three into individual envelopes.  It was a messy and time consuming process but we started very early and got it done in plenty of time.


The next challenge was the Clusterfuck set.  Those had to weigh a certain number of ounces while still being able to fit in an envelope and contain a certain number of mini cards and instructions for the game Рyet have a permanent place to store the cards.  Fortunately the guys at CAH are really super smart and very specific about what they want.  This actually makes my job much more satisfying  Рbecause when a client knows what they want Рas a manufacturer, I have a much better chance of delivering it.  Clients who do not know what they want are difficult to please in any industry Рbut especially so in mine.  So we went back and forth with ideas on the packaging and finally came up with the Clusterfuck packaging you know and love.  I just cannot WAIT to play the game with a variety of inappropriate friends.  Should be fun.

Holiday Bullshit is still mailing Рso I will follow up with more about the other nights in a few days. Meanwhile Рgood luck with that Holiday Shopping.  I think I am just going to go online to Amazon and order everyone a CAH game. 



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