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CAH PAX 2014 Expansions – The Midnite Run & Other PAX Adventures

By Shari Spiro

The guys from CAH are always coming up with new and unique ideas – so one of the new things we made for CAH for PAX were the PWNMEAL packs.  These were oatmeal packs which contained a special CAH expansion, and real oatmeal packed in an oatmeal package.  The cards inside were numbered and have a degree of rarity to them.   The bags – which debuted at PAX in Boston, were a super huge challenge to manufacture and to figure out in general. Art for the cover is shown here YOU HAVE to check out the video for this.  It is really well done.







But it was the Midnight run of expansions which was defintely one of the coolest and most challenging things I have gotten to do so far. But- because the guys from CAH come up with so many interesting and challenging ideas, it is really hard to say if it is the coolest.  For sure it is the most RECENT cool thing anyway, following closely on the heels of the PWN MEAL Oatmeal packs

During this recent CAH panel at Pax  – I was waiting at our US printing facility  – and as soon as the cards were written by the collective people attending (and of course the CAH creators), I downloaded the files and we started running the cards on the press. We went live from the plant on FaceTime about 10 minutes later, and when the audience realized we were already printing sheets of the new expansion cards they had just written – the applause was amazing.







Max, Eli, David, Ben, Josh, Daniel, David – 7 of the 8 Co-Founders of CAH

It was great the way the guys came up with this way of surprising the audience – and in spite of the fact that it was pretty awkward using FaceTime on an i-phone in a printing plant with no headphones on – (I definitely should have used the iPad at the very least)  it is obvious that the guys are so brilliant that simply executing their ideas makes for good video.  The CAH guys are incredibly sharp and it is both fun and a real challenge to work on these projects for them.  Of course we had the backs of the sheets prepared well ahead of time so we could meet the delivery requirement of early the next morning – otherwise we would have still been running the job well into Saturday afternoon 🙂

We only ran enough expansions for the several hundred people in the room – so the cards are extremely rare – and they were run at 11 pm at night – we were there until the wee hours of the morning making them – and then I delivered them to the hotel very early the next morning – before daylight – so they could be given out to the people who had attended the panel.  Each person there had received a special button they were then able to redeem for one of these exclusive packs.

CAH PAX 2014 Expansion pack







The cards are  shown above.  I like all of them – but I really think the Hodor card is great.  I have loved Game of  Thrones ever since I printed the crew’s card decks for HBO when they filmed season one.  I immediately read the books and was hooked forever.

Anyway here is the link to the panel video – we come on way at the end.

That great and crazy guy in the shirt and sunglasses is my pressman.   We had a long night – but the most important thing is that the cards got done and delivered on time – the people were thrilled to get them and it was a lot of fun for me to see everyone so surprised and happy about the whole thing.  At the end Max turned his computer around so I could see the audience applauding when he thanked me. That was a cool moment.

Of course I was completely worthless the next day after the midnite run 🙂 Sorry to anyone who tried to show me their game on Saturday at the Ad Magic booth in tabletop.

Here is a pic of Max and I before I checked out the new game Slap 45 he was promoting – we printed those cards in 2 days – not quite as impressive as the midnite  run – but not bad.  Slap 45 is a ton of fun and I really enjoyed it – Ben Beecher and his partner from Slap 45 are shown below too.

Also shown are the werewolf cards by Max Temkin that we printed for him – in the cool neoprene cases.  As you can see it was a pay what you want thing with those at PAX.

Max later tweeted that he had broken even on those.  Apparently people are more honest than you might think.

It was also cool to see the wall of Bigger Blacker Boxes at the Cards Against Humanity booth in the Kickstarter Room.

wall of bbb



and to meet Kyle

kyle and shari


and to see Luke Crane of Burning Wheel (his games and his book are awesome)







And I got to see The Doubleclicks  play a H U G E  ROOM!!  Of course I had to walk the entire length of the convention center and then some to see them because tabletop at PAX is on the completely opposite side of the building – and I should have allowed myself WAY more time!

They were great – I love their songs. – I bought all their merchandise.   I am such a big fan.

I think they should let me make this art into a poster or AT LEAST a card deck.  Isn’t this art great?



admagic booth paxgames

The pics above are from the Ad Magic booth.  We had completely duped a number of game designers who had kickstarted (or are planning to) into coming to Pax with us  – having no idea how they would do – but they actually all did really well!  They got lists of names and had some great demos and sold a lot of games. I even grabbed a film crew that was running around, so we should have some great footage out soon.  I will post it here on the blog when it is ready.  Here are a few of the games that we invited to come with us and demo:  All of these were or will be KICKSTARTERS and all are Indie Games.

Game of 49







What the Food














Havoc Boards







Terrible Time


Epic Picnic

epic picnic







All in all PAX was a great show – but next year – I am getting carpet in the booth. That concrete floor is really a killer on your legs. 🙂






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