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Custom Jigsaw Puzzles

Big News!

You may have heard of the project that's all over the internet right now... the 100K Puzzle Project! We are the manufacturer of all puzzles used in David Dobrik's 100K Puzzle Projectas well as the manufacturer for the Kickstarter smash hit "Magic Puzzles", by the Magic Puzzle Company. Need a jigsaw puzzle for your next big project? Request a quote today!

Putting the Pieces Together

For AdMagic, creating custom jigsaw puzzles just seemed like the next “piece” of our gaming puzzle. The health crisis has been keeping people at home and families are looking for activities they can do together. The interest in jigsaw puzzles, especially custom jigsaw puzzles, is at an all-time high. Along with our clients, we have been creating and manufacturing some of the  world’s most interesting custom puzzles, including the Magic Puzzle, The QR code puzzle, custom shaped puzzles, and print on demand puzzles — small-run puzzles of 100 pieces and card puzzles made of custom playing cards that arrange into custom puzzles. We have the staff, the facilities, and the know-how to create virtually any kind of custom puzzle imaginable.

When we say we “create” puzzles, we literally mean we have the resources and background to take a puzzle every step of the way — from an idea to distribution. From the initial custom die design template (which will eventually create the tool that actually cuts the puzzle’s pieces)  to unique packaging enhancements, helping make your jigsaw puzzle idea a reality is a perfect fit.

Guidelines for Creating Puzzles

There are a few things you need to keep in mind if you’d like to create a jigsaw puzzle, starting with establishing your guidelines:

  • What dimensions do you want it to be? It can be a standard or custom size. Limitations in custom sizes will be discussed with the printer to ensure feasibility.

  • How many pieces? From five pieces to 2,000 pieces, we can make whatever you have in mind.

  • What kind of artwork? The picture must be at least 300 dpi and must be in CMYK mode. The artwork for the puzzle can be a graphic, a photograph, a painting or whatever you like so long as you hold the copyright for the artwork. 

  • Do you want a full-color or a limited color palette? Whatever you have in mind, we can do it.

  • Want one side or two? We can do different pictures on the two sides if that’s what you’d like.

  • Want it round, square, rectangle? Let us know; it’s doable.

  • Do you have a special material in mind for the puzzle?  It can be made from chipboard, wood, Eska board, or something else. For wooden puzzles, it’s four pieces for toddler puzzles up to 100 pieces.

  • In what kind of box or container do you want to package the puzzle? If you can imagine it, we can make it.

  • Need an instructional or other enclosures with the puzzle? No problem. We can do it.

Once you know exactly what you want, then our project manager will create a quote for you. For custom jigsaw puzzles, the minimum run is generally 500 puzzles. Inquire for more details. Like any project we do, puzzle designers must know what you want to order so a Project Manager can help you formulate your plans. If you’re thinking about a Kickstarter campaign, they can help you with that, too.

Custom Jigsaw Puzzle Materials

To get the desired quality and feel, AdMagic uses a variety of materials for making puzzles. Puzzles can be made in standard puzzle stock, other chipboard materials, or even wood.

We also use an Eska blue stock and gray cardboard stock imported from the Netherlands. Eska blue or gray is the premium stock for jigsaw puzzles with very little dust. Ninety five percent of Eska boards are made from recycled paper, or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) fibers.It is easy to die cut and laminate with a very even surface that stays flat; it glides through the presses easily. [link to video Shari has] Three layers of solid board solidly glued means that when the layers are die cut, they remain tightly fixed in place for a puzzle that will last for years. Unlike some puzzles, our Eska stock puzzles don’t shed, and with reuse the pieces still hold a firm lock.

About the Magic Puzzles Project

One of our first jigsaw puzzle clients was for the Magic Puzzle Company. They raised nearly $3.5 million from nearly 65,000 subscribers in their recent Kickstarter campaign. The 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle has a twist: once the last piece is assembled, the player unlocks a magical illusion that completes the puzzle’s narrative. There are three different puzzles currently from the Magic Puzzle Company, each with its own story. Each puzzle is 1.9 mm thick, 28 x 21 inches in size, a little larger than most 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles. The Magic Puzzle company describes their puzzles as combining the fun of a jigsaw puzzle with the world of tabletop games and magic.

For a Quote or More Information

As we’ve done with all our games and cards, we’re now helping “puzzlers” turn their ideas into reality using our same experienced staff and high-quality materials. For information on any aspect of getting jigsaw puzzles printed, or for a quote, call us toll free at 888-423-5244 (888-4ADMAGIC) or use the link below to request a quote. 

Kind Words from Our Clients

  • "Inspired by the Magic Puzzle Company's success and their choice of AdMagic, I reached out for puzzle manufacturing. AdMagic's association with reputable companies boosted my confidence, leading to the creation of Bear Park's physical puzzles."
  • "Faced with the challenge of fulfillment, I opted for Blackbox, AdMagic's sister company. This decision simplified logistics significantly, allowing me to focus on growing the business."

Patrick Beggan, Bear Park Puzzles

To learn more about Bear Park's work with AdMagic, read Patrick's article on Starter Story.

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